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About Us


allyoung is an e-commerce platform with array of skincare and body care brands including Swissvita, aevéop, and suddenbe.

We are dedicated to provide good quality skincare and body care products! Here in allyoung, you will not only be enjoying a great shopping experience, but also information and lifestyle tips that compliment your overall Health & Beauty journey! 

ALLYOUNG make you always young

Creates Happiness
Creates Customers' Satisfaction
Creates Positive Company Values

To always be young, that's every womens' dream!
With that being said, your inner self is as important as your outer beauty.
Here in allyoung, you can read and immerse yourself with contents that will enrich your life and experiences.
At this place, beauty is at fingertip; This is because beauty comes from within.
We hope to share rewarding experiences with you here!

100% AUTHENTIC In-house manufacturer with stringent product requirements and checks
RAPID DELIVERY 3-5 working days delivery to your desired shipping address within Malaysia
QUALITY GUARANTEED Aluminium tube packaging to retain active ingredients and product quality 
REASONABLE PRICING Moderately priced products that suits all ages and groups
EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE Quick response by our interactive and efficient representative that are able to assist with your inquiries
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