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3D All Use Eye Cream Review by Jon

3D All Use Eye Cream Review by Jon

January 19, 2019

Skincare is essential for everyone and requires commitment; not a miracle. Swissvita uses cutting edge skin care product and the best R&D team with a biotech laboratory in France to bring you products with the finest and best ingredients. I did a little more research about Swissvita and found out that the All Use Eye Cream has 5 star ratings on Amazon! 

Many people who come across Swissvita for the first time will wonder if this product authentic and does it really work? Having used these products myself, I can tell you that YES Swissvita is 100% authentic and it really does fix skin problems. 

What makes Swissvita unique is the use of aluminium sealed packaging instead using the traditional plastic packaging.

3 benefits using aluminium packaging is: 

1. No toxic plasticines.

2. Prevents air contamination.

3. Retains active ingredients.

I have been using the All Use Eye Cream for 5 months and I can honestly say that these two are my most favourite products. What I like about these products is that they are paraben, alcohol, and fragrance-free which can be used for all skin types. 

Swissvita is the only company in Taiwan who is authorized to use AC-11 which is amazing for DNA (Skin) repairing for scars, spots, or wrinkles, and that is why I love their All Use Eye Cream.


The 3D All Use Eye Cream targets 4 skin problems:

1. Erases eye wrinkles.

2. Gets rid of dark eye circles.

3. Gets rid of puffy eyes.

4. Get rid of Crowsfeet.

How you may be wondering? The AC-11 x B12 formula has intense hydration and provides your skin revitalisation to smooth your skin and make it less puffy. 


The most amazing thing about this Eye Cream is that it provides a "7 seconds miracle".

Provides your eyes with an instant life within 7 seconds.

Say goodbye to dark circles and puffy eyes in 7 hours,

Reduce fine lines in 7 daysand erase crow feet.
Product instruction

My thoughts:

I definitely could feel the "7 second lift" after applying the eye cream. It is hard to describe the feeling but it kind of feels like the tightening feeling you feel in your skin when you apply a clay mask and it dries. That is what the instant eye lift felt like.

The promise of paraben free and fragrance-free is what led me to try out the products because I have very sensitive skin, and it turned out to be amazing. I could definitely see my puffy eye circles slowly going away within 2 days of use (day and night). 

As an honest reviewer, I did also seem to notice my crows feet slowly disappear as promised. However, not all my wrinkles went away but it was noticeably a lot smoother and fewer wrinkles. 

Would I recommend the Eye Cream?

Final Verdict: Yes the product works as it is advertised. I will also be writing a review on the 3D All Use Facial Cleanser so remember to check that out! 


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